because pets lift us up
because they welcome us home
because they teach us to sit in sunlight
and with no conditions – they love
because even cats can love us
and exam rooms can be cold
because we really listen
so we offer options, not absolutes
because we’ve been there too
because we give more to our employees
so they can give more to you
because we are local
and we are inspired
so we are doing it different
because vet clinics can be a place of beauty
for everyone that steps inside
because this all helps us Rise

Our Services

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Annual Exams

This is an important time to give your pet a through look-over. An annual veterinary exam is similar to a human visiting their general practitioner roughly once every seven years. Vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, flea and tick prevention, feeling for lumps and bumps, nutrition, plus a lot more will be addressed. We give consultations on just about anything relating to your pet.


There are a host of diagnostics options available for your pet; annual testing for heartworm and tick-borne diseases, a variety of bloodwork panels to best suit your pet’s needs, radiographs (vet-speak for X-rays), ultrasound, echocardiograms, fecals tests (yeah…gross but often necessary), and a great deal more.


Every now and then surgery is necessary.  From spays and neuters, to biopsies, mass removals (those questionable lumps that rear their ugly head), laceration repairs, and foreign bodies (i.e. when your dog eats something it shouldn’t, and it gets lodged in their GI tract).  In addition, we work with board certified veterinary surgeons for orthopedic procedures like cruciate ligament tears and fractures, all of which can be performed in-house.


Dental disease is the single most overlooked, under-delivered area in veterinary practice. It’s estimated that 50% of canine and feline patients over five-years of age have at least one painful dental problem. Since they can’t request their own dental procedure, they just learn to “live” with it. In addition, periodontal disease has been shown to be associated with cardiac, liver, and kidney issues. We can prevent and treat this with our in-house dental service.


We have a fully stocked veterinary pharmacy, with the ability to deliver medication directly to your home. In addition, we offer medication options, including those prescriptions we can call-in to local pharmacies to lower your cost.


In the COVID-19 world, we all are trying to limit our chance of exposure. Telemedicine is a great option to discuss your pets needs. Following a detailed screen-to-screen conversation, we can help determine whether your pet needs to be brought to our hospital for any diagnostics or treatments that cannot be performed at home.

Additional Services

There’s a great deal more we can do, like clean ears, fix broken toenails, express anal glands (arguably the worst smell on earth), help with incessant itching, pain management, geriatric care, behavior consults, and lots more. Give us a call, we’re here to help.

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